(RECONTOURING OR RESHAPING OF THE EXTERNAL NOSE) Rhinoplasty is one of the most common operations performed by Cosmetic Surgeons today. This operation is designed to improve the general appearance of the nose by doing any one or more of the following procedures to the nose

  1. Reducing the forward projection of the nose
  2. Removal of hump
  3. Correction of depressed nose
  4. Correction of deviation of nose
  5. Narrowing of the upper nose
  6. Narrowing of the tip of the nose
  7. Narrowing of the lower nose
  8. Reducing the nostril size
  9. Lifting the tip higher.

Many patients have a fear that the nasal change will be so great as to create a subject of discussion among their family or friends. In reality, neither the patient nor the patient’s friends or relatives really remember the original shape of the nose, a few weeks after the surgery.

This operation is performed in the hospital. It takes about 1to3 hours for the surgery, depending upon what has to be done. Some corrections can be done as outpatient surgery where as others require 1 to 2 days stay in the hospital.
Rhinoplasty is done under local anesthesia. Sedation is also given just prior to surgery to help the patient be relaxed.

The nasal bones are usually narrowed. The excessive skin left by the reduction of the underlying bone and cartilages usually readapts itself to the new framework. For depressed nose, after lifting the skin, enlargement or augmentation is done with cartilage from ear or with bone from rib or leg or with silicone rubber. To reduce width of the lower part of the nose or to reduce the nostril size, skin is removed from the nose close to the cheek attachments.

If the chin is smaller and disproportionate when compared to the nose and the rest of the face, chin enlargement could be done at the same time. Also, if the lips are too thick, they could be made thinner at the same time.

Immediately after Surgery, restricting splint and/or dressings are placed on the nose and will remain in position for approximately five days. The operative procedure and the post operative period are not exceedingly painful. Since there will be packing in the nose for several days following the surgery, the patient would have to breathe through the mouth. This will give the feeling of having a minor cold and may cause drying of the mouth. The nose may feel congested for several weeks following the surgery due to internal swelling.