Cosmetic Breast enlargement is done by surgical placement of a breast implant behind the breast area muscles. The breast implants are available in many sizes and shapes. All the breast implants are made with Silicone envelope (bag). Many of them contain just Silicone gel. The inflatable implant comes empty and after placing in the body, it is filled with saline. There are other implants that will have silicone gel in the inner compartment and saline in the outer compartment.

There are limitations with regard to the size the breast could be enlarged. It depends upon the amount of available skin. However, most patient’s wishes and desires, are fulfilled.

If there is excessive sagging of the breast, skin tightening with reshaping could be done at the time of the breast enlargement.

Because the implants are placed behind the breast tissue and the muscles, usually there are no problems in breast examination after enlargement. Also, there is no problem in breast feeding after this surgery.

SURGICAL PROCEDURE: This surgery is performed in the hospital as an outpatient or as one day surgery, either under local anaesthesia or under general anesthesia. The surgery takes approximately 3 hours

Even though the patient is required to stay only one day in the hospital one should stay within the close reach of my office for 14 days for follow up care.